Rent A Car with Purchase Option
Rent-A-Car with purchase option is Easy and Flexible:
You have many options with us! 
Fulfill the rental contract as agreed (tyically 25 weeks) then you have the option of purchasing the vehicle for the noted price.
You can rent the vehicle for another term and then we can revisit the option to purchasing the vehicle
You can return the vehicle with no repercussion to you or your credit.
In the meantime, as our customer, you can look forward to many more benefits which are not offered by traditional car dealerships, like:
  • No Obligation  You can return the vehicle at anytime (in good condition)
  • No Credit Checks
  • Affordable - starting at just $99 (plus tax) per week
  • No Mileage Limits (On our rentals with purchase option)
  • We work together as a team to keep the vehicle in a good working condition
  • Should your vehicle need to be repaired, after getting it diagnosed and it takes longer than 3 days, we put you in another vehicle temporarily while it's getting repaird. 
To Qualify For Our Rent-To-Own Program:
icon-check-mark-blue.png  1.
Must be at least 21 years of age and live in Tyler/Longview or surrounding area.
icon-check-mark-blue.png  2.
Have a valid Texas Drivers Licence.
icon-check-mark-blue.png  3.

Have Full Coverage Insurance, before the vehicle leaves the premesis with one of the approved carriers.

(Must transfer to cover damages to a rental car)

icon-check-mark-blue.png  4.

Have a current Utility Bill in your name.

(Proof of residency)

icon-check-mark-blue.png  5.
Proof of Employment
at least 4 months with current employer).
icon-check-mark-blue.png  6. Provide 3 References, with current contact information.
icon-check-mark-blue.png  7.

Pay the Deposit and your first payment.

(the deposit varies depending on vehicle).


Your Responsibilities:

You must carry the full coverage insurance
on the vehicle with an approved carrier. (We can direct you to a variety of insurance agents who can sign you up and get you going right away).
As our customer, you are responsible to properly maintain and repair your rental vehicle while it's in your care. If something happens to the vehicle, bring the vehicle back to AB Rent-A-Car Inc, we will have it repaired. We will pay for the labor,  and you just pay for the parts.

*Refer to the contract for complete details regarding your rights and responsibilities*

AB Rent-A-Car Inc.reserves the right to refuse service.

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